Trucks & Cars for a Brand New Family Member

Over the holidays my 78 year old mom and 80 year old step-dad are staying with us for three weeks. Shortly after their arrival we learned that they got their fourth great grandchild this year bringing the grand total to six great grand kids. My step dad asked me to make a quilt for his new great grandson, the first boy on his side of our combined family. My step-dad is a car guy so it naturally became the theme of the quilt. He wanted a red 1944 Ford Coupe included, reminiscent of the car of his youth. We found a few graphics of old cars and I scribbled a few ideas onto paper. Here are photos of the first few steps from design ideas to the layout. I’m knee-deep in the applique work now, then I’ll put it together and quilt it. Hopefully, I’ll get it done before they go home to Arizona so they can take it when they visit the new baby. I’ll add photos when I complete the quilt. I better get busy because I’ve only got one week to get it done!

Trucks and Cars Quilt by Gulf Coast Quilts

Trucks and Cars Quilt by Gulf Coast Quilts

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